In augustus werd het nieuwe LEGO World Builder Platform aangekondigd door LEGO. Dit nieuwe platform maakt het mogelijk dat fans samen kunnen werken om nieuwe werelden te bedenken, uitwerken en pitchen aan LEGO. Indien LEGO overtuigd is van een nieuwe wereld, zullen ze overgaan tot aankoop van het voorgestelde om intern verder te ontwikkelen. LEGO heeft laten weten dat ze het Holiday Heroes concept van Eddy Beals hebben gekocht. Daarmee is de eerste aankoop een feit.

Holiday Heroes is het eerste door een LEGO fan ontworpen concept dat uit een hele wereld vol karakters, avonturen en verhalen bestaat. Het concept is ontworpen door Eddy Beals die op het idee kwam dankzij zijn interesse in culturen en de oproep van LEGO om een Holiday Short Story te ontwerpen. Holiday Heroes draait om de vele feestdagen die op de wereld gevierd worden die niet direct te maken hebben met het geloof.

LEGO Holiday Heroes

Buiten deze info is er niet veel bekend over het voorgestelde thema en op welke manier LEGO het gaat gebruiken. Het kan dus goed zijn dat LEGO de komende jaren een nieuw thema zal lanceren dat hierop gebaseerd is of dezelfde naam draagt, maar het kan evengoed zijn dat we er wellicht niets meer van horen. Wij houden het in ieder geval nauwlettend in de gaten.

Hieronder kun je de officiële aankondiging van dit nieuws en een korte vragensessie met de bedenker van Holiday Heroes Eddy Beals lezen. Wil je meer te weten komen over LEGO World Builder, lees dan dit artikel. Heb je al een wereld gecreëerd, dan lezen we dat graag in een reactie.

The holidays may be behind us, but we have one last surprise to unwrap. Today, Holiday Heroes became the FIRST fan-made world on LEGO World Builder to be purchased and placed into development by the LEGO Group!

Architect Eddy Beals set out to create a globe-trotting adventure that captured his passion for exploring different cultures and celebrated his own multicultural heritage. And, as life imitated art, he soon found he wasn’t alone in this endeavor, receiving 70+ contributions from creators around the world, including new characters, storylines, MOCs, artwork, and more!

Eddy’s world was created in response to the LEGO Group’s “Holiday Special” creative prompt (check it out here!) that asked the community to dream up original holiday-themed worlds that could become the next big LEGO Holiday Special. Just weeks after publishing his world, Eddy was invited to pitch Holiday Heroes to the LEGO Group’s development team – and boy, did he impress the team!

Get to know Eddy and learn more about Holiday Heroes in our Q&A below and check out our latest Tongal project to find out how YOU can join the LEGO Group’s development team to help bring this world to life for screens everywhere… because it wouldn’t be a true Tongal x LEGO collaboration if we didn’t open up the creative process!

What was your experience creating this world on LEGO World Builder?

Eddy Beals: It’s been a pretty wild ride. I had no idea what to expect when first creating Holiday Heroes on LEGO World Builder. It all started with a few notes in a notebook, then became character sketches, then a proposed theme, and then as people started contributing to Holiday Heroes, it became something much bigger than I could have imagined. For anyone with an idea of a world that they want to submit – go for it! You never know what can happen, and just the process of creating and collaborating is terrific in itself. For anyone already in LEGO World Builder, seek out other ideas to collaborate on – engaging with the ideas of others can spark something big!

What was your inspiration for Holiday Heroes?

EB: The Holiday Heroes theme was inspired by my passion for learning about different cultures! The world is such a wide, beautiful canvas and filled with all kinds of people. Learning about different cultures is a great way to realize how different our forms of expression are, but also how we can share similar desires and values amongst ourselves no matter where you’re from. On a side note, I’m learning Japanese in my free time, and hope to be able to use that someday on a trip to Japan – maybe to check out Otsukimi for myself!

What was it like pitching your world directly to the LEGO Group?

EB: I was pretty nervous going in, but felt great through the pitch meeting and after it! In my job, I get to deliver presentations and meet new people frequently but had never done anything quite like this. A friend and teammate at work gave me some excellent advice on how to deliver pitch presentations, so I’m quite grateful to him and to everyone who was supportive of me along the way. During the presentation, I was really happy to receive questions from the LEGO team that demonstrated that they were engaging with the theme fully and already playing with the possibilities. That left me on a high note once the meeting concluded.

Can you tell us more about the opportunity LEGO World Builder created for you?

EB: LEGO World Builder was an amazing opportunity for just being able to create a world and collaborate with others on it. When you have others interacting with an idea you started, it can feel like something much bigger than what you first thought of. There was a period of time where new collaborations from others were pouring in, and it was touching to see so many people wanting to add to the story in amazing ways – whether it was interesting new characters, exciting settings, beautiful mockups, unique items, and much more! Funny enough, I started learning about new holidays across the world such as Samhain and St Martin’s Day through collaborating with others. A huge “thank you” to everyone who contributed to Holiday Heroes. It wouldn’t be what it is without your contributions and enthusiasm.

Laat van je horen!

Hoewel er maar mondjesmaat informatie bekend is over Holiday Heroes, zijn we toch benieuwd of dit concept jou aanspreekt en of jij denkt dat dit een waardige toevoeging aan het portfolio gaat zijn. Laat het weten in een reactie.

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