Het LEGO House is leuk voor jong en oud. Er is voor kinderen veel te doen en volwassenen kunnen zich vermaken met de enorme bouwwerken en de history collection. Via een persbericht laat de woordvoerder van LEGO House weten dat ze deze zomer een record aan bezoekers hebben gevestigd.

Record bezoekers LEGO House zomer 2019

Het aantal geboekte kaartjes ligt tussen de 30-40% hoger dan afgelopen zomer. LEGO House was deze zomer al een aantal keer volledig bezet waarvan week 30 met 11.308 gasten de drukste week was tot nu toe. Positieve cijfers dus. Mocht jij deze zomer nog een bezoek willen brengen, dan raden we aan de kaartje alvast online te boeken via de website van LEGO House. Hieronder kun je het persbericht op je dooie gemak doorlezen.

LEGO House Billund Header

New visitor record this summer in LEGO® House. Despite hot days, guests have booked tickets over the past five weeks, exceeding last summer’s figures by 30-40%. 

At the start of the summer holidays, the previous record week was the Easter week in April. But that record was broken in week 30 (also week 29 was very close) and several times this summer LEGO House has had to report completely sold out.

Jesper Vilstrup, CEO of LEGO House says: “The feedback from our guests is that we create an absolutely fantastic LEGO experience for both children and adults, and the guests are fortunately sharing their experience in LEGO House with family and friends. Many people share their experiences via social media, and we can clearly see that the awareness about LEGO House has increased over the past year, which I am convinced is one of the reasons for the great visitor numbers. Now guests simply have a better idea of what LEGO House is.”

LEGO House opened its doors to the public for the first time in September 2017, and since then, visitor numbers have only gone up. Last summer was the first high season at the attraction, and although the annual result landed at just under 250,000 guests, Jesper Vilstrup says that summer 2018 was at a different level than this year: “We expected more guests last summer, which we at the time explained by the sunny summer in Denmark. But in retrospect, we must also acknowledge that many did not know about LEGO House last year, which has played an equally important role. This summer we have experienced phenomenal visitor numbers, and we are 30-40% above our visitor figures from last summer, which also means that we have hit our maximum capacity several times.”

LEGO House uses an online booking system where guests book their own time slot at LEGO House. This ensures that there is enough space to play and build for both children and adults, so that all guests have a good experience without too much queuing. When the seats have been used up the “sold-out-sign” is on.

LEGO House is open to the public all weekdays until September, after which Tuesday through Thursday is reserved for school classes.


Top-3 weeks visitor record this year and ever:

Week 30, 2019: 11,308 guests – in the middle of the Summer holidays
Week 16, 2019: 11,302 guests – Easter week
Week 29, 2019: 11,191 guests – in the middle of the Summer holidays

Heb jij al een bezoek gebracht?

We zijn benieuwd of jij al eens in LEGO House bent geweest en wat je ervan vond. Mocht je nog een bezoek gaan brengen dit jaar, laat ons dan vooral weten wanneer dat is.

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